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need help with manual mode and editing in Lightroom?

lets dive deeper




video chat

If I could be everywhere at once, I would be. But we all know that's not possible, which is why I offer an hour long FaceTime chat where I answer allll of your business, editing, marketing, and even personal questions regarding this crazy photography industry. You'll leave with answers AND a new cheerleader and friend (me!)

starts at $450

in person basics

Just got a new camera? Just downloaded Lightroom? Intimidated yet? I feel you. That's why I want to help! I'll show you how to not only work your new camera, but how to have control over your lighting, etc. We'll also sit down and go through Lightroom together so it's a little less technical and scary looking. I want you to leave feeling entirely comfortable with your equipment.

starts at $450

full mentorship

Shadow me on a couple session, see how I lead a couple through prompts, then I'll step aside and let you put those new lessons into practice. Afterwards, we'll hit up a coffee shop and go through the editing and delivery process. I'll happily answer all questions you have about photography and the business side of it as well as the community/relational side of it.

starts at $750
"I use photoshop with every session now + am more confident on social media..."
"Entering the world as a small business is a scary moment. I am a self-taught photographer, and when I first entered into this profession, I was so nervous that I would fail. So, one of the things that helped me gain confidence was to seek a mentorship with an experienced photographer. Many photographers out there offer mentorships, but I wanted to find one whose values and work spoke to me. I found that with Megan. She was a military spouse, catholic, and her work is breathtaking and inspiring. 
During our mentorship call, we talked about business, social media presence, my future goals, and understanding the basics of photoshop. The most significant help was having her explain photoshop to me. Before, I would open up photoshop and be terrified with all the buttons and options. Now, I use it with all my sessions making small and significant changes. On top of that, I am more comfortable with just posting and being on social media. I have also gained a steady increase in followers with the confidence I gained from that mentorship call.

Talking with Megan was like talking with a best friend. She was patient, kind, listened, and indeed is a light in the photographer community. She also is around for any future questions and will become your cheerleader. 

Do not hesitate to book a mentorship with Megan. It was one of the best decisions I had made when I wanted to grow my business. I plan on one day booking an in-person session when I move back to the states.  She is that amazing!"

- Bri Wilson

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