the girl who dances on Instagram

the girl who encourages you to bring your pups to shoots

the girl who's in love with her Marine hubby.

I'm a girly girl at heart (favorite color is pink & I definitely love fashion) but I'm also an athlete to the core (fun fact: I played four years of D1 college soccer). More often than not, I'm found at home behind a screen editing away, catching a plane to the next out of state wedding, or catching up with a new or old friend over a coffee date (which is super weird cause I don't like coffee, but it's something about those coffee shop vibes that I can't get enough of). I love my husband Avery with my whole heart and the military holds a special place in our lives (aka it's the reason I claimed "traveling photographer" as my own).

I'll be happy soaking in the sunshine with friends, but don't mind dancing in the rain & snow either. I'm a complete planner and clean freak, but Avery always brings the spontaneity and it hasn't hurt me yet. I love to break out in dance at the most

un-oppurtune moments, sing at the top of my lungs, take far too many pictures, find the best steals at thrift stores, & encourage every human I interact with to seek & know a joy this world cannot offer; Jesus.

 I'm the girl with the camera.

the dancing
the hubby
the pup




I'm most likely to hop out of the car, barefoot in a summer dress and hug you guys like we're long time friends finally meeting up again. And just so you know - I have about a 95% rate of ACTUALLY becoming/staying friends with clients after a session, so you're in for a ride. ;)

Believe it or not, your everyday moments, inside jokes, and nose kisses when captured, are my best work. Nothing I do makes photos any good unless the people in front of my camera know how special their love and their story is and they're down to revel in it. 


That being said - I'm not going to pose you side by side in awkward, "cliche", poses and you'll never hear me ask for a good ole "cheeeeese" (nothing wrong with cheesin', just pretty sure you don't need to pay someone for photos of you doing it). Instead I give you prompts, guidance, and direction so that those little things about you and your story escape your heart and light up your face in the most genuine way possible and I get to capture it in still shot images for you to keep and bottle up forever.

My editing style is sunshine-y, but warm and moody. (Hence the tagline "moody with a pocketful of sunshine).  My goal when editing is to make you feel something; as a viewer or a client. I want you to look at my work and go, "ooh that reminds me of the way my hunny holds me" or "I remember exactly what we were talking about and where we were in our lives, when Meg took that picture."Ultimately, I'm here to story tell and I believe the way a photo is edited and colors are brought out can have the biggest impact on feeling the emotion of a still shot image.

What I admire most about this market is that no photographer is the same. So look around and make sure to choose a photographer that compliments your personal style and if I'm your girl, then hit me up! Let's be friends! Let's go get coffee (hot cocoa or smoothies for me) and chat about all the things that make up YOU and your family or your hunny. Let's go on an adventure, or stay at home and shoot your pictures where you're most comfortable! I'm here to serve you and I can't wait to do so!


Alabama - March 2021

California - June 2021

**book these dates for discounted travel fees**

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