love letters

+ all the sweet experiences my clients have to share

Makena + Shane

Megan has this ability to show people for who they really are. She captures the little smiles and loving eyes that are only seen if you’re really paying attention. She can make even the most stubborn men smile and laugh.

My boyfriend (who really hates having his photo taken) has asked when we’re having more photos done and has demanded that only she is allowed to do it.


I am so grateful for the beautiful photos she has given us. I will cherish them for a lifetime and I’ve already sent them, posted them, and showed them to everyone I know. She’s amazing to work with and I would recommend her 1000 times


Mike + Gellimy

Meg mentioned the possibility of shooting during "golden hour" to me during our first couple session with her a couple months back but I didn't know what the heck “golden hour” meant. I even remember  messaging her about it, saying I was scared to look “too orange". But during our engagement session with her, we braved golden hour and I didn't know the sun could look so good.


My fiance Mike is a total introvert and dreads photos (he was cringing and felt so bad being all up someone’s space when we had to go down a cliff for a shot) but for Meg to be able to bring out his emotion like that in a zone that’s uncomfortable is priceless. Every session we’ve had he always ends up saying that he has LOTS and LOTS of fun. These are FOREVER my favorite memories.


Brian + Haley

Wow!! One of our favorite days. I am blown away by how amazing all of the photos turned out! It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite - they are literally a perfect representation of us! Keeping it simple by just having fun, enjoying each other's company, and being our normal goofy selves the city that we fell in love with and get to call home. I know I can speak for Haley when I say we can’t thank you enough for everything and for making this experience so much fun for us! Your work is absolutely phenomenal and we will surely be looking back on these pictures for the rest of of lives! Thank you Meg!


Michael + Danielle

I don’t think I have enough words to thank Megan for our pictures. I’m in awe of how she captured such sweet moments, while also making us laugh the entire time! It’s very hard to get Michael to cooperate for pictures and ten minutes before getting to Sunset Cliffs (let’s talk REAL LIFE: Marriage has some moments where you get frustrated with one another.) We were bickering to eachother ten minutes before the shoot started because we got lost and Ella was crying . Once we got there and got settled Megan actually WORE Ella so we could get some pictures of us alone! The entire shoot was fun and so natural in every way. When we got back into the car afterwards Michael was smiling ear to ear and said “that was fun. I’ve always been one to love taking pictures because It’s moments like these, the fun, the love, and the memories captured. I will always hire professional photographers, BECAUSE THEY CAPTURE MOMENTS LIKE THESE THE BEST.


Mariah + Dustin

Meg was SO FUN to work with. Right off the bat she was friendly and professional, it really felt like we were meeting up with an old friend, any nerves we had about being awkward in front of the camera disappeared the second we met her. One of the best things about her photography- no modeling experience required, she has fun little “games” and poses that bring out the most genuine smiles and laughter. 
We left the shoot smiling and so full of love. We couldn’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!

And oh my goodness.... *cue jaw drop*. We were speechless when we saw our photos. Her editing style is her own, it is unique and it is beautiful. I could feel the love and the laughter through the pictures and I may have teared up once or twice because she captured our playful love so beautifully. It warms my heart knowing that my husband and I get to have these moments and will be able to look back on them forever. I would highly recommend Megan, she is by the far the friendliest and most professional photographer we’ve ever had the pleasure

of working with. She has perfected her craft.


Mike + Gellimy

I got to hang with Megan for 2 days. The first day was a mentorship. I’m always nervous meeting new people but Megan is so passionate about her craft it’s infectious and she made me feel so comfortable and pumped to explore photography even though I’ve never used a “fancy” camera before.


The second day, she took my boyfriend Mike and I's anniversary photos. We got to know each other over In N Out burger before the session and that DEFINITELY took our photo experience to the next level. Between my camera-awkward self and my introverted boyfriend, Megan guided us and brought out the moments of silliness, joy, laughter, and love that Mike and I experience everyday that we never get to capture. I am so grateful for choosing her to capture these precious moments and for gaining a new friendship too.


Taylor + Danielle

There are infinite reasons why we chose Megan as

our photographer, but to sum it up, it’s what she represents as a whole. Photography isn’t just a business for her, it’s a way of life. It’s how she expresses herself and uses the talents God has

given her. God is truly using Megan as a beacon of hope and truth and she shows Christ’s love through how she treats each and every one of her clients

and how open and honest she is as a person. We chose Megan because she’s a DANG good photographer and also because she puts

100% of herself in her work and it is so evident. She captures more than pictures, she captures love , laughter, care and personality in each of her shots. We chose Megan because there’s no other like her.


Austin + Kaitlyn

Austin and I were so happy with the beautiful pictures Megan captured. She made the photo shoot so fun for us. We were goofy, dancing, and could not stop smiling. Our session was filled with so much love and happiness.


Megan made us feel so comfortable during our session. It was so easy for us to show the love we have built for each other over the past year. Austin and I are so thankful for our friendship with Megan. She is not only so talented, but creative, passionate, and has the biggest heart. We couldn’t imagine taking these photos with anyone else.


Dashton + Michaella

Megan Aaron Photography isn’t just a business. Her work is an art. It's an art exhibited by a kind soul with an eye for natural beauty.


I usually don’t like picture taken of myself and always feel awkward having photo shoots done, but this felt like real life with Megan there to capture every moment. She is creative and easy-going, which made goofy people like my fiancé and I feel relaxed and open during the entire shoot. I would highly recommend using Megan for your photography. There aren’t enough words to describe the gift she has given us, but the proof is in the pictures. Absolutely stunning.