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more than just pretty photos.

Often times us photographers get so wrapped up in the social media game of creating the Instagram worthy pics that'll get featured the most. We then miss out on the story telling and the weight seemingly "simple" photos can carry. So here's to every story told in every picture I've remembered to leave behind the "perfectness" and instead document the real & meaningful moments that hold stories for years to come.


"This was the moment that Cody’s grandmother told me that the diamond in my ring belonged to her mother.  Family is so important to Cody and I.  Finding out that a woman who was so important to Cody chose to save a diamond for his future bride made me so humbled. It was by far one of the sweetest moments of the night."

- Sam

Proposal, Dec. 13th 2018

"I had Megan take some super quick pictures of Sam and I yesterday before I graduated. We took this picture without even remembering an earlier picture that we took in the exact same spot three years ago. I actually found it today when I went back to look at Sam and I's first few pictures that we ever took together. 

Looking at the two pictures makes me teary eyed. I don’t normally get sappy on social media but there was something about these two pictures side by side that got me. In the the first picture we took on a friends cell I see two best friends who are newly dating and very awkward, and in the second picture that Megan took, I see the same two best friends, a little further down the same path, but with so much more love, comfort, and growth. 

Time has flown by in this little town. This place holds so many of mine and Sam’s precious memories. I’m so thankful for this small town and as always, I’m so thankful for Sam."

- Amber

Couple Session, Dec. 10th 2018

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