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+ and how it can drastically increase your sales

Contrary to photography, I actually went to school for Graphic Design. My final major project that I presented to all of the staff and teachers was my photography business completely, intentionally, and thoroughly branded. Website, logo, business cards, contracts, invoices, pricing guides, and after session products; all branded to speak to who I am as a person and business owner.

After an overwhelming love for it from professors, I set out to California to take this photography business on for real for real. The success and attraction was unmatched to any of my years in business before. The professionalism through which I designed my entire photography brand played the biggest role in not only sale increase, but also in attracting my dream clients

I no longer was just another photographer on the market with a bland website, a logo with a flower wreath around it, and my prices typed out in every email. I was Megan Aaron Photography and my brand was mine throughout every step of the process with my clients; memorable, personal, & professional.

a personal brand changes everything.

how can we  Brand your biz?

logo design
Just starting out? A logo that SPEAKS to who YOU are as the business owner is the stepping stone of an entire brand. It can make or break engagement, brand awareness, and even sales. Let alone it's ability to introduce clients to you & your product just through visual elements. 
Crazy the power a solid logo can have huh?
starts at $250
pricing guide design
Offer a variety of services? Copy and pasting them to emails every time you receive an inquiry? QUIT IT. 
Having a beautifully laid out and easy to read pricing guide not only proves a level of professionalism towards clientele, it also sets you apart from the average small business and adds to the value of your products/services. 
starts at $300
full rebrand
The home run of setting your business up for success. A fully cohesive brand in logo, pricing guide, contracts, business cards, website, after session products, etc. is unmatchable to its competitors.
Ever seen something from Target that didn't instantly speak to Targets brand? Nope, me neither. Even then dang concession popcorn bags are branded. Its a necessity for any biz wanting to go big.
starts at $1,800

Specific Request?

Email me! Lets create a plan catered to you and your businesses needs.

Worried about payment?

I offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment options so you don't feel pressured to make a massive payment at once.

who do i work with?

I've branded for a law firm, a school of business, multiple small businesses, bloggers, wedding venues, etc. There's pretty much no one group that I work with.

lets do the



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